Anton Sagel



A modification for the strategy game Hearts of Iron IV, published on the Steam Workshop under the alias Quaeknas Zett Ix.

Arduinos simulate a possible technology for power sharing between homes. This way, whole communities could live autonomously.


Using an Arduino with infrared sensors, the programm calculates in- and outcoming people and thereby the total amount of people in a room. This could be used for anonymous crowd control.

Group project.


The classic "Hangman" for the console using C++.

A rectangle drawing program for the console using C++.


In this 2D game, one must keep up the power of colour and defeat the Greys.

The game includes a healthbar, several recharging attack types, two different types of enemies (fast and shooting), a scoreboard and a game-over screen with restart button.

Created using Adobe Flash and ActionScript.